the art of

BUSINESS branding

Unique Brand Identity is the backbone of any successful business, which is why influential corporations like Nike, Apple, Coke, Gucci and BMW spend millions of dollars on developing and protecting their brands. 
These companies know the true value of strong Branding and invest in themselves accordingly.

Branding is more than how your company looks; it's bigger than merely a logo or a colour theme and it has far greater impact than most people ever realise.
Your Brand Identity is a culmination of your ethics, your beliefs, your goals, your energy and all those other 'feels' that make your business unique. 
In a nutshell, your Branding is how you make your customers FEEL. 
The 'Look' of your brand is merely a by-product of your Brand Identity and ideally your logo and brand theme should reflect that.

To paraphrase the words of marketing guru Marty Neumeier, 'your brand isn’t what YOU say it is. It’s what the PUBLIC says it is', so you need to ensure that everything you do as a 'brand' is consistent.
Does your Brand Identity reflect your core business values? Do you feel like you're capturing your ideal target market?
If not then you may benefit from a Brand Audit.

After all, when you're providing an exceptional service or product, you need exceptional branding... and a team you can entrust it with.


At Brand Artisans, we offer more than just graphic design. We become your Brand Guardians and guide you through the entire process of building (or re-building) your Brand Identity, which includes building a bespoke website and helping you create a meaningful social media profile. 

Marketing is all about connecting the right message with the right audience at the right time. And the end goal? Driving profitable customer action.

That’s what we do best at Brand Artisans. Not only do we make it our business to make your business look good, we’re also passionate about creating opportunities to leverage your existing reputation in the industry to ensure that your business evolves to the next level. In other words, we’re here to help you grow.

We take a holistic approach to branding, so rather than just churning out generic logo designs in-line with passing fads and trends, we connect with the heart of your business and create an overall Brand Identity that resonates with you and your clientele.
With a hippie at our helm, our process is not your run-of-the-mill Brand Development Strategy! Whilst we use our real-world experience to ensure that you end up with a high quality Branding Solution, we also tap into our spiritual side to channel something unique that is created especially for you and your business.
What we offer is 'Intuitive Brand Design' and we infuse your Logo and overall Branding with your business 'vibe' and intentions so that your brand is working for you on an energetic level as well as an aesthetic one.  
Branding is our passion and with nearly two decades of professional experience from all over the globe (as well as a deep respect for the laws of attraction and manifestation), you can trust that your brand is safe in our hands. 
Just like the artisans of old, we take great pride in our work and ensure that each and every Brand is handcrafted to perfection, so that your business comes across as individual and extraordinary as you are.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help make your brand a masterpiece.