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The ‘Branding Made Easy’ Workbook was designed to accompany our online course of the same name, however for those who can't quite stretch the budget, this workbook is a great way to access the two decades of knowledge shared in the online course without breaking the budget.


This 50 page step-by-step guide was created by our MD and Branding Expert, Nikki Weaver, who has:

- 20+ Years of international experience in the industry

- Double BA in Communications and Media Studies

- Worked with huge global clients like Universal Pictures, Redbull Racing, Disney Corporation, Proctor & Gamble and more 


Who would benefit from the workbook?

- Entrepreneurs starting up a business

- Small Business Owners wanting to upgrade their branding

- Industry professionals wanting to learn more about branding

- Anyone looking to build their branding skills and knowledge.


Branding Made Easy Workbook

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