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With Nikki Weaver

Next round begins 23rd March 2022

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Are you wondering if you’re on the right path with your business or business idea?


Or perhaps you’ve come to a fork in the road and aren’t sure which way to go?


Maybe, you’ve been bush-bashing your way through the corporate jungle and still can’t see a clearing.



If any of this resonates, Heart Path is the course for you.

Heart Path is perfect for anyone in business, whether you’re about to embark on your journey or you’ve been doing it for years. This program will either start you on a solid platform, or boost you to the next level.


With Heart Path, we’ll cover the following content (and probably more!):

  • Business analysis - where are you currently at, and what are your pain points?

  • Goal setting/identifying long-term goals

  • Business Plans: the vision boards of business ownership

  • Market positioning

  • Roadblocks: Identifying and healing any blocks around business growth

  • Abundance and financial barometer adjustment

  • Self worth/worthiness

  • Brand Audit Part 1 - does your brand reflect who you are?

  • Authenticity - bringing yourself into your business

  • Brand Audit Part 2 - is your brand in-line with your new goals?

  • Moving forwards: next steps to bigger growth



Program includes:

  • 4 x one-on-one intuitive coaching sessions

  • Weekly group zoom sessions

  • Heart Path community group page

  • Training Resources

To learn more about me and my qualifications, click here.

with Heart Path

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Co-working in a Bright Office

With Nikki Weaver

Feeling exhausted mentally and physically? Struggling to keep your light through this time of controlled chaos? Maybe anxiety has become a standard setting for you? Or perhaps you’re finding it hard to focus on your purpose or direction amidst all the noise?


Or maybe you’re just in need of some energetic back-up in this time of constant bombardment?


If any of these resonate, Empower is the workshop for you.


Right now, we’re up against a system that’s attempting to conquer us through fear and darkness. They don’t want us to realise our true power, so they are throwing everything they have at keeping us all scared, sick, struggling and stupid (brainwashed really, but that doesn’t start with an s 😆).


The world needs you, now more than ever, to stand in your power and shine.


At the Empower Healing Circle, you will learn how to protect yourself from unwanted energies, and keep your own energy high and light.


I’ll teach you how to combat dark magic, transmute low frequencies and clear blocks, entities and other toxic, heavy vibrations.


We’ll work with natural remedies, crystals, essential oils and sound healing, to bring you back into your your body and connected to your soul purpose.


I’ll also show you how to hone your own intuitive abilities, and create a clearer connection to your guides, through cards, runes and heart reading.


Join me for Empower, and equip yourself with the spiritual tools you need to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe, strong and sparkly. 💕✨


5 week course includes:

  • weekly group session

  • Training resources

  • 1 x roller bottle of my own unique oil blend

  • 1 x specially selected crystal

at Empower