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Data di iscrizione: 4 nov 2019

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With over 20+ years of International experience in the business world, Nikki has worked with many high profile global corporations including Disney; Universal Pictures; Redbull Racing; BBC; the Olympics (London 2012); and Proctor & Gamble, and now runs her own boutique branding agency on the west coast of Australia.

Nikki's knowledge and experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry, and has lead her to become a regular Author for Inside Small Business, as well as being featured in other National publications such as Mumbrella, Dynamic Business and Body + Soul.

In addition to her experience as a Branding expert, Nikki is also a qualified reiki practitioner and is trained in Wellbeing and Mindfulness systems. As such, she takes a wholistic approach to business consulting and incorporates wellbeing and performance coaching within her Branding offerings, to ensure that clients are able to successfully implement and manage their branding and business goals.

Nikki Weaver

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