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No matter what we might like to think, people DO, in fact, judge a book by it's cover, so yours needs to jump out from the shelves.


In the ever-competitive world of publishing, the impact of an eye-catching cover design cannot be overstated, as it serves as the gateway to enticing readers and conveying the essence of a book.


You need a book cover that is as unique and special as your story, and that demands enough attention from potential readers amongst  shelves of 'sameness'.


With over twenty years of design experience, we will create the perfect cover to capture your story and attract your target audience.


We offer a range of styles, including photographic; illustrated; graphic design; abstract art; and typographic. Which style you choose will depend on your budget, genre and theme of your book.



Whilst it's not the most glamorous aspect of book publishing, internal page layout; typesetting; and page design are a crucial part of the process. They ensure readability, enhance visual appeal, and aid comprehension, ultimately providing readers with an enjoyable and immersive reading experience. After all. there's no point in having an amazing story if people find it difficult to read.

Internal page layout refers to the arrangement and organization of content within the pages of a book, including text, images, headings, and other elements. It involves decisions regarding font selection, font size, line spacing, margins, page numbering, chapter starts, and overall visual presentation.

It may be tempting to export your word document as a PDF and call it a day, but we recommend seriously considering having your manuscript professionally typeset as it makes the difference between a great reading experience and an average one.

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